Apartment Solar - 30 m by the sea

Croatia - Dalmatia - Omis - Nemira


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Villa Apartment Solar is situated in tourist  village Nemira, and it is about 30 m far from beach and sea. Every apartment has a beautiful view to the sea and island Brač.
Communication to the pebble beach is by concrete stairs. Eastward and westward are other beaches that are almost 1 km long. There is possibility to tied boat to the buoy.
Parking is on my private land and it is assured for every car.
In the courtyard there are outer shower and grill.
Grocery is about 100 m far, and about 300 m around there are several restaurants and barrooms.

beach under the apartment


playground 100 m far from the apartments




About the Apartments (name, consist, terms, prices)

consist of
Apartment Ap-3
35 €
50 €
35 €
Apartment Ap-4
bedroom (double bed, 2 extra beds), kitchen, bathroom, balcony-7 sq m
45 €
60 €
45 €
Apartment Ap-7
2 bedrooms (2 double beds, 2 extra beds), kitchen, bathroom, balcony-32 sq m
65 €
80 €
65 €
Apartment Ap-12
120 €
150 €
120 €
Apartment Ap-8
2 bedrooms (2 double beds, 3 extra beds), kitchen, 2 bathrooms, terrace-25 sq m
75 €
90 €
75 €
Apartment Ap-5
2 bedrooms (2 double beds, 1 extra bed), kitchen, bathroom, terrace-20 sq m
55 €
70 €
55 €

Omis Riviera from airplane

3 km far from Omisš

beach from east

Coat of Arms of Omisš, from 1541.


Tourist village Nemira, is 3 km east of Omisš,a little (about 4000 people) , more than 11 century old town, situated between Split (25 km), and Makarska (30 km). It takes about 40 minutes of slow walk by the sea, to get to the Omisš. In Omisš there are many historical and tourism (diurnal excursion to the Brač, several festivals, diurnal excursion through the canyon of river Cetina, disco, e.t.c.) piquancy, and everything you need for healthcare. You can enjoy in many sports: (football, basketball, tennis, volleyball on sand, swimming marathon, diving, rafting, rowing, canoe, sailing, free climbing, paragliding, canyoning, e.t.c.).

nemira from airplain

aerial view

beach from west


Contact :

Vladimir Stanić
Nemira 1/5
21310 Omišs


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